Custom Work

  • Clients can choose from an unlimited array of wood and finishes. All species of wood, including exotic varieties, are available in addition to: melamine, veneers, laminates, acrylic, glass, or stainless steel.
  • Complete Machinery Capabilities On Site - All aspects of the building process are handled in house, including the final stages of adding finishes to the products.
  • Interiors - Whether you're interested in the concept design, custom build and interior work for the entire project or only for a few specific items, Superior Ideas Ltd. will work with the client on all millwork aspects including: doors, casings, baseboards, wainscoting, chair rails, ceiling mouldings, door headers and accentuated areas e.g., niches in walls.
  • Collaborating With Designers - Superior Ideas is happy to interface with designers, if clients prefer, and will ensure that each design is structurally sound prior to commencing work,
  • As a result of experience working with a variety of different commercial and residential settings, Superior Ideas Ltd. has the ability to build products that are durable without sacrificing design appeal.